About Us

The RasterMaster® is a unique mower that will take care of your work and costs. With a unique and award-winning design, it can also be described as one of the most innovative and modern 360º lawn and verge mowers. In 2007 the De RasterMaster® won the Garden and Park Technology Innovation Award.

10 weeks

delivery time currently

Professional users can be found at: Riding schools, Horse racing tracks, Solar panel parks, Contractors (Contractors), Rental companies, Horticulture companies, Military Cemeteries, Government (Rijkswaterstaat, Municipalities, Provinces, Staatsbosbeheer), Airports, Farmers with fencing.

Internationally there is interest from -among others- the following countries: France, Germany, United States of America, Great Britain, Belgium, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Denmark.

The RasterMaster® is available in various versions of which the Profi WB100 is the most popular. With the Profi WB 120+ in second place.