The RasterMaster®

It is necessary to mow grass for visual reasons and from the point of view of safety. Posts that are not free of grass create an untidy appearance and can, in some cases, also result in power leakage. The latter means that the power protection of a fence is no longer adequate. Furthermore, uncut grass can seriously compromise the ability to read and understand road signs.

The RasterMaster® is a perfect machine to remove grass from obstacles. It is no longer necessary to mow parts of an object the mower cannot reach separately, because the machine moves 360º around the obstacle and removes all the grass in one pass. It is no longer necessary to carry out additional mowing with the user-unfriendly brushcutter. As a result, it is not only safer, but also more efficient to use the RasterMaster® rather than any other mower. Better for the working conditions and better for the performance. And because the RasterMaster® mows grass in a single pass, working along the public highway is safer for the operator of the mower as well as the other highway users.

The RasterMaster® is therefore 4x safer and 2x as efficient as other mowers:

  • prevents power leakage: animal safety
  • increases legibility of road signs: road safety
  • improves working conditions: personal safety
  • less time required for work on the public highway: road safety
  • only 1 pass instead of 2: efficiency => performance

Obstacles can be between 40 and 230 mm and for the WB 120+ even up to 400 mm. Obstacles can be made free from grass, provided that there is at least 30 cm free height and 170 cm mutual distance.


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